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Ethiopian Blend

Ethiopian Blend

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Indulge in the rich flavors of Ethiopia with our Ethiopian Sidama Natural Roast Coffee Beans. Sourced from the lush Sidama Zone, these beans are a testament to the dedication of smallholder farmers who carefully nurture their indigenous heirloom cultivars at altitudes between 1700-1900 meters. This coffee is truly a labor of love, resulting in a cup that boasts a unique and delightful tasting profile.

Certification/Grading: Our Ethiopian Sidama beans are meticulously certified, ensuring the highest quality. Each bean is graded to meet our stringent standards.

Roast Level: Medium-Light

Tasting Profile: Experience a symphony of flavors with every sip. This coffee presents a harmonious blend of milk chocolate, fruity notes, and a hint of sweet caramel. The natural roasting process preserves these exquisite flavors, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate a nuanced and vibrant cup of coffee.

Origin: These beans hail from the Sidama Zone in Ethiopia, a region known for its ideal coffee-growing conditions. The combination of high altitudes and Nitisols soil results in coffee beans of unparalleled quality.

Processing Method: Our Ethiopian Sidama coffee beans are processed using the full natural method, enhancing their natural sweetness and character. Each bean is carefully sorted by hand to ensure only the finest make it into your cup. Afterward, they are lovingly dried on raised beds to maintain their purity and flavor.

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